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Housing development: flats and villas. We adapt the layout to our client's requirements or needs therefore, every home is different and unique. Each housing development is designed taking into account and being respectful towards the environment, views, sun exposure and privacy, thus producing projects of outstanding quality.

Private land: for those clients who already own a plot of land, we develop the architectural project and carry out the construction.

Full home Renovation: we define new layouts for different purposes, incorporate the latest materials and fittings and provide energy saving installations in pre-owned properties.

Interior design projects: Our interior design team has been collaborating with professionals from BATAVIA for over 10 years. We believe a good furnishing alters the general look of an area and sometimes, this can be achieved with a minimal intervention

Ready to move in: ÁBATON goes as far as you want: architectural project/planning permissions/ construction/ interior design/delivery of the premises. Additionally, we offer our clients an After-sales service which will give the best solution if any eventuality may show up, or you can choose the ÁBATON Plus Service (optional) which includes: special lighting, landscape gardening, furnishing and interior design project carried out by BATAVIA.