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ÁBATON is currently developing new prototypes of the ÁPH Series so as to provide more versatility to the project. For the moment, ÁBATON is working on a two storey prototype and a compound (several units linked together). These models are easily transported by road and can be installed almost anywhere. It is a simple yet sturdy construction made of materials chosen to provide both comfort and balance. ÁPH embodies the principles and objectives of ÁBATON: wellbeing, environmental balance, and simplicity.

The Portable House ÁPH80 can be visited in Madrid (Spain) upon request. 

Besides the typlogies ÁBATON has already developed (download PDF) the ÁPH Series can be customized to meet our clients' needs.

Technical Data: The outside is covered with grey cement wood board. Ventilated façade with 10cm thermal insulation around the building. Solid timber structure manufactured through numerical control; Inside timber panels made of Spanish FirTree dyed white. ÁPH80 has been designed and manufactured fully in Spain. Manufacturing time: Depending on # of units requested. Assemby time: 1 day. Transportation by road. Prices start at 21,900€

APH is delivered in one piece. Water, electricity and plumbing installations can be connected in few work steps at the site. The ideal would be that the connections were already executed prior to the APH delivery. In case there are no connections in the site ÁBATON can provide self-sufficient solutions.

APH can be installed almost everywhere as long as there is enough space for a flat bed truck and a crane We only need 8 concrete cubic foundations to lay the house. A crane with minimum power of 8 tons is required.

8 Tons

The use of concrete foundation depends on ground structure. If the stiffness of the ground is appropriate (concrete, asphalt, rock, natural soil, etc.) there is no need to prepare foundations. In cases when the ground is not solid enough, geological tests have to be made in order to define the foundations. This service is charged separately.

Generally an application for installing the APH80 is required -at least in Spain- The process of approval is different from country to country and from town to town. That is why it is necessary to consult the local authorities.

For the production of a APH mostly certificated and ecologically flawless, that means healthy, pollutant-free materials with using resources economically. The outside is covered with grey cement wood board. Ventilated façade with 12cm thermal insulation around the building. Solid timber structure manufactured through numerical control; inside timber panels made of Spanish Fir Tree dyed white.
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Quality Specifications
-Water tank
-Septic tank
-APH designed with solar panels

If you wish, we prepare all formalities for you so that you only have to move in. For this service we charge the 7% of the APH cost..

For security reasons we use anti-burglar glazing. Furthermore, the outer wood cement board shutters clad the house in full.

The APH80 is ready to be connected to the mains at fully developed plots . If you don't have this service in your plot, we can provide you a budget to install a septic tank (go to *The Price Include: Options)

APH glazing are low emissivity (E-low), tripled with double cavity wall, with a 1,4W (m2K) heat transmission only.

The APH80 is fully manufactured in Spain (EU). It is led by our team of architects and engineers through planning and executed by high qualified workers.

We give a regular warranty of . The validity of our general terms and conditions shall be unaffected.

The APH has a 12 cm high density insulation all around.

The APH units can be assembled in a modular system. Coordinate your wishes with our team and we can build your individual APH combination. The units are expandable in height and width

The life expectancy of an APH is comparable to conventional houses, with regular maintenance. Due to a high quality material usage, some parts have even longer life expectancy.

By rule the delivery takes up to 8 weeks after order date.

The possibilities of the usage of any APH are nearly infinite. As a guesthouse, relaxation room, sport room for your garden, as an office or presentation room and atelier or as a mobile holiday house at the seaside. An APH can futhermore be placed outside the city using it as a relaxation, sport and weeekend house.

The interior height of an APH is of 2,50 at its highest point, and of 2,00mt at its lowest.

APH is transported on a lorry and is lifted on the ground by a suitable crane on the foundations. The crane must have a minimum power of 8 tons.

The costs of transportation correspond to the distance. Then the cost of the craning has to be added, which is calculated by hour.